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I Thought I Would Also End Up…

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A few years later, they got married and three children were born. Daniana says that the family had everything to be happy, but she became very jealous and controlling. With that, the fights between the couple became constant.

She reveals that, at the time, she felt like separating from her husband: “I came from s family where no one stayed with their fist husband and I thought I would also end up in separation.” I Thought I Would Also End Up...

One day she discovered Marcelo’s betrayal and put an end to the marriage, but she was quite shaken by the separation. “He returned to his town. I tried to commit suicide, but I didn’t want him back. I was sure that the curse that the women in my family carried was ????? ??????????being fulfilled.”

Marcelo had attended the Universal Church for a while. Then, he remembered the Love Therapy lectures and decided to participate in the meetings. There he received the direction to win his family back. After seven months apart, Daniana and her children traveled to where Marcelo was. On that occasion, she and Marcelo got closer and then started to attend the lectures together.

Not long after, her feeling towards him had changed: “I forgave him and all the love I felt came back. I no longer accepted thoughts of hereditary curse, which by Faith, was broken. But then I realized how wrong I was, being controlling and jealousy was bad for both of is. I changed and so did he.”? ?? ?????? ???????? ???????? ?? ? ?????????? ?????? ?????? ?? ?????? ???

Although they were already married at the civil, Danaiana felt that the blessing of the Altar of God was lacking. When they celebrated 19 years of relationship, they sealed the union at Altar.

They claim that love and companionship were strengthened.

“We have our differences, but today we have trust in each other and the certainty that our blessing comes from God.”

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