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Does This Sound Familiar?

Dead End

Does This Sound Familiar?

My life is like a dead-end road; every path leads to unhappiness, failure, hopelessness, and depression!
My self-worth is non-existent. I fail at everything I do! I even attempted suicide multiple times. With all that being said, I couldn’t even get that right!

I look around and everything has their life all figured out. They are happy, smiling, moving forward, and yet here I am stuck in this endless search for a happily ever after that will never come. I feel so alone and lost in this dark world.  You ask yourself: is there any way out of this painful existence?

Yes; there is a way out of this dead-end and that’s why you are reading this message.
The people of I steal had a situation where they faced an end and look at what happened!

Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east into dry land, and the water was divided. Exodus 14:21

The children of I really had a dead-end situation and they needed a miracle, but what they need most was God!
God is with you! Right now you can say to your problems, “go away from me!” You have the same faith to divide the waters (the problems). Just use your faith to drive away these problems once and for all!