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“My Rock Bottom Was Drugs…”

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22 years ago, Darlei, already married to Jucelene Andrade Castro Alves, moved from one city to another with their three children. His situation was miserable. “I told the owner of the place that the furniture would arrive, but it wasn’t true. My wife would put a comforter on the floor and we would sleep huddled together so we wouldn’t get cold. That lady got us a two-burner stove for us to prepare something to eat. In fact, we didn’t even have the food,” she explained.

During this time, Darlei got involved with drugs. “I started smoking marijuana, but my rock bottom was crack. I received money and returned home the next day with only my pants because I left a shirt, shoes, ring, everything for the drugs. My wife asked me for the money for the children’s milk, but I didn’t have it.”

“I wondered why that was and I couldn’t offer people what they expected from me. It frustrated me and I even thought about ending my life. I was known as a swindler, an outlaw, a liar, and a drug addict until I knew God.”

Darlei says that the first time he joined the Universal Church, he was prejudiced against the Church. But when he returned, he admitted that he had no other way out. “the first time the pastor of tithing and I called him a thief. So I waited for the meeting to end outside, smoking a marijuana cigarette. Then, I asked my neighbor to take me to the church he attended and when I got there, it was the universal church. there I admitted that I had nothing to lose.

Upon learning about the Faith, Darlei gave everything in the
Campaign of Israel. “At the Altar, I conquered everything, starting with the Holy Spirit, which is the meaning of my life.” His identity has been changed. “Everyone knew me as Daelwi and people came to know me as Aquino. In other words, my name changed, just as Jacob became Israel.” From sacrifice to sacrifice, Darlei reaps the fruits of the Altar.

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