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“I Was Considered Crazy…”

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Ingrid lived a troubled phase in her childhood. She was abused by someone close to her family. “It all started when I was 7 and then I was suffering from it for three years.”

Unable to deal with her feelings and suffering, Ingrid began to hate people. “It even affected my love life. I got involved with women out of fear and disgust of men.”

At age 14, in search of relief from the pain in her soul, she began using drugs. Then she got involved in crimes. “I destroyed my life when I started getting involved with drug dealers.”"I Was Considered Crazy..."

With so many frustrations and disappointments, Ingrid developed severe depression. She always thought about taking her own life. “Because of depression, not knowing what else to do, I tried to commit suicide several times. I cut myself, took medicine, and, finally, used a very high amount of drugs.”

After the last suicide attempt, Ingrid had to be taken to the hospital “I was considered crazy when I arrived at the hospital. Afterward, I stayed in my room for three days and it was terrible. I just planned the next attempt, as I had no more reasons to live.”

Ingrid already knew about the work of the Universal Church and decided to seek spiritual help. “I accepted help from my grandmother and a friend.”

Thirsty for help, she understood that she needed to heal her inner self and made the decision to surrender to God. “My surrender was very fast. Already on the first day I stopped using drugs and walked away from everything bad for me. I kept looking for God. It was the best choice I made because I understood the plan He had for my life.”

Today, she admits that it was this decision that led her to have her transformed inside and to free herself from addictions, depression, and thoughts of suicide. Now, she understands how much the evil forces were harming her. “Before, I was full of evil spirits and surrounded by things that were putting me down.

“Today, I no longer have traumas, hurts, hatred. My transformation was so great everyone can see the glory of God in my life. I have the Holy Spirit, I am full of life. I have the Holy Spirit, I am full of life and I bring this life to those who are suffering.”

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