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“Hatred Filled My Life”

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“Hatred Filled My Life”

Monica was a young rebel because of the suffering she went through, to the point of self-harm. She tells how she managed to turn her suffering into happiness:"Hatred Filled My Life"

The problems at home were heavy and that led keto have hatred for my parents, I even started to plan their death. I tired to distract myself, to avoid having those thoughts anymore and not to think about the problems that were in the house.

Because of that, I started getting involved with several activities in school, but it isn’t work. I fell into depression and that led to self-harm. Feeling like I was at the bottom of the pit and not knowing how to deal with my inner problems, I became a rebellious young woman with thoughts of suicide.

But my change of life would begin when I found the Universal Church. I was taught to how to use faith to overcome everything that tormented me. I was free from all spiritual torments. That void of depression was filled by the presence of Holy Spirit. Today  I have peace and joy, I can sincerely say that I am happy.

The Universal Church
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