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“My Life Was a Living Hell!”

Read About Jaqueline's Story and How She Overcame Her Problems

“I was a very rebellious and angry person. Since I was 13 years old, I smoked, drank, and used drugs. I argued a lot with my father, which made my mother suffer a lot. I went out a lot at night with friends and didn’t come back until the next day."My Life Was a Living Hell!"

Due to this life, I lost good job opportunities. I was like this for about six years! I slept during the day, and when I got there at night, I went out again and went on drugs. My life was hell! I wasn’t happy and I tried to commit suicide twice, once I cut my wrists, and another time I jumped from the 3rd floor, but I fell onto a platform, otherwise, I would have died.

I was very disturbed, I heard voices and one of them constantly told me that I was good for nothing and that I should die.
After the arguments, I felt remorse and realized that what I was doing with my parents was not correct, but there was a greater force that controlled me and that, at the time, I didn’t understand.”

“I suffered a lot and made my family suffer a lot too! Until, at a certain point, my mother was invited to go to the Universal Church. From the moment I started attending and doing the chains of prayer on Fridays, I got rid of the addictions. Then I also went on Sundays. I was surrendering myself to God and my life began to change. That’s when I discovered I had a reason to live!

Today, I am a transformed person, I have a great job, a wonderful family and blessed children. Now I am happy and fulfilled!”
– Jaqueline

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