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Who Do You Give More Time To?

This Message of Faith Is for You

Who Do You Give More Time To?

What kind of offering are you giving?

When people hear about giving an offering; the first thing that comes to mind is to give money or a donation to the church.

On the first day of school young adults give their best. By wearing their best clothes to impress their friends and teachers. Next, when a person has a job interview the candidate wears the best clothes. They get their hair groomed, and show up early to the interview to impress the boss. Lastly, when a guy is interested in a lady he does things to impress the lady such as taking her out to nice places, he buys her flowers to try to impress her. All these examples can be considered good offerings, giving the best to receive the best.

But, what kind of offering are you giving to the Lord.

The offering is not about giving money to a church or an organization but about giving your best to God. A financial offering is not the only thing that can be considered an offering, but everything you do for the Lord is an offering.

Many people worry about timely situations. They prioritize getting to work on time and making it to the movies early to get good seats. When it comes to their spiritual life and doing the things of God, most people do not give their best. They show up late when coming to the church service and even snooze during the message, which is the most crucial part of the service. According to the article, “Cell Phone Behavior in 2021” in, the average American checks their phone 262 times per day. On the other hand, reports show that only 9% of Americans read the Bible once a week (DISRN). These stats help us understand that only a few people are spending time with God.

What type of offering should you give to the Lord? 

The service starts on Saturday night when you prepare your clothes and your Bible for the service on Sunday morning. Prepare yourself to leave the house early to get to the service before time, separate time to meditate on the Bible throughout the day, invite a friend or family member to church. The dedication you put into these actions will show God how much you truly obey and seek His Word. All of these are also considered offerings to the Lord.

“…those who honor Me I will honor, and those who despise Me shall be lightly esteemed.”

1 Samuel 2:30

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