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“My love life was CURSED…”

Life Story of Roxanne

When you look at your life, and you really think about the problems you are facing, do you see a pattern? Do you see that something is strange? Maybe you’ve been living under a curse. And until today, you do not know what to do about it. Read on and see how Roxanne and Thiago were able to be set free from the curse in their lives.

Before my husband, I had a boyfriend. His grandmother had a crystal ball. She wanted me to be with him. I think she did a lot of work with that. I started to date her grandson but I didn’t like him. We broke up and I met my now-husband. We started talking and when he came to see me and my family, I couldn’t even touch him and be next to him. There was a curse in my love life.
So my mother went to see a witch doctor and she paid lots of money.

I had anxiety and I went to see a doctor and give me prescription medicine. Also, I was always someone who used to dress up but I didn’t want to do anything. I was always losing jobs at the time. So I would go back to the witch doctor and pay lots of money. Since I was paying so much money, I wanted to learn it myself. I used sage to clean my house. I started to learn how to read cards.

My brother was the one who told me about the Universal Church. He had some difficulties and he wanted me to go with him. The first time we went, we felt something different. Since then, we started to go every Friday. I felt light and felt like I could breathe because I knew that no one was going to harm me. I felt safe there. Then, I learned how to open a Bible. I did my chains of prayer and the curse was broken. I don’t go to the witch doctor anymore.

“Today, I have the Holy Spirit
and I’m filled with joy. I
have a blessed family.”

The Universal Church
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