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“Loneliness Drove Me to Addiction”

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Growing up in a family of five, Tisetso was raised; by a single mother who did her best to provide for the children. “My father left when I was still young, so I did not know him. My mother did her best to provide for us and sent us to the best school. As I grew older, I started to feel lonely. I needed a sense of belonging, and I did not have peace inside of me.”

Tisetso tried to find pleasure in everything that he could think of but, nothing could fill the void inside him. ith all that he was facing, he became pessimistic. “I was already negative about my life and anyone who tried to help me. I was filled with anger because I felt unloved by my father after he abandoned the family.”
Tisetso and a lot of problems led him to feel unsettled in his emotions. He then met friends in high school who introduced him to alcohol and drugs.

"Loneliness Drove Me to Addiction"“The alcohol and drugs harmed my academic life. My performance at school dropped, and I became a very rebellious teenager.”

To feed his addiction, Tisetso had to use his transport money and also stole money from his mother. He would get agitated if he could not smoke or drink. “I needed to be intoxicated to cope with the loneliness I was feeling inside.”

Tistso realized that he needed help when his family threatened to have him away from home and began attending the services at the Universal Church with his family. He engaged in Chains of prayer for his family. He engaged in Chains of Prayer every Tuesday and Friday.

To fight for my deliverance from alcohol and drugs addiction. I realized that I needed God for me to change. After two months of fighting for my deliverance the changes in me became visible. My behavior changed completely.”

Even though Tisetso was freed from addictions, he still longed for the Holy Spirit. He then made a conscious decision to be baptized in water and participated in the Fast of Daniel.

“I prayed and read the Bible more often. Then I sought the presence of God in my life and on the last day of the fast, I was baptized with Holy Spirit. I received peace, love, and joy which, were what I never had before. My only desire is to serve God.”  – Tisetso


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