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“Achieved Beyond What I Could Manage”

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“Achieved Beyond What I Could Manage”

My life was destroyed in all aspects. I was a victim of witchcraft, I also had an addiction to gambling and alcohol.

“Several times I ended up spending up to $50,000 in gambling, consequently affecting my entire family. At home, there was no peace or harmony because there were always fights between my eleven children."Achieved Beyond What I Could Manage"

I was tired of so many problems and that is why I began to seek help from the witches, but instead of improving my situation, it got worse.”

“For 15 years my life was in that situation.” Although he could find no way put, he continued to frequent the witches.” Waiting for a solution, I did everything that was asked of me, incising sacrifice and offering large amounts of money. The offering made were $6,000 to $125,000 to evil entities in despair at the situation.”"Achieved Beyond What I Could Manage"

“In the midst of this situation, my brother invited me to participate in the faith services at Universal. By participating in the chains of prayer, I learned to use my faith to achieve a life transformation.

Thank God I was healed from the illness I had. I was freed from all addictions and my family was restored.
"Achieved Beyond What I Could Manage"God made a transformation in my life and it was where I received God’s direction in my life. In relation to my finances, my vision was changing and I began to advance financially.

Today I am able to buy land, cattle, and horse farms and ranches. I managed to conquer three companies, the house of my three companies. The house of my dreams, machinery equipment, cars, and trucks. through faith, I achieved beyond what I could manage.

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