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“A betrayal Led Me to Depression”

Pink Was Depressed And Locked Herself Away From Everyone and Everything but She Found a Way Out. Continue Reading to Learn More About Her Story...

“A betrayal Led Me to Depression”

I went through a lot of family problems, constant fights with my ex-husband, due to the many betrayals I suffered. This whole situation made me go into depression. I lost the desire to do anything, I was locked in my room, I was locked in my room. It got to a point that, I didn’t want to talk to anyone, not even go out to anyone, not even go out to work.

I didn’t have the heart for anything, I just cruised and suffered from depression for 10 years. This situation also caused me financial problems. On top of that, I had a lot of complexes, with low self-esteem, and began to suffer from an inferiority complex.

"A betrayal Led Me to Depression"During this period, I received several invitations to go to the Universal Church. But I ignored them but after watching the testimonies of deliverance on TV, I decided to pay a visit to the church. As soon as I arrived I felt an unexplained peace, which motivated me to come back more often.

I was very well received at the church and I was guided to do the chains of deliverance on Fridays. Sundays to find peace and on Mondays for financial life. I obeyed everything I was told and in just a month. Then, I was set free from depression, negative thoughts, and I started working.

I became a completely different person, joyful, with inner peace and strength. I started taking care of my house, my children, and myself. Today I am free from depression, I have peace and a blessed family.

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