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Fast of Daniel: Sick Mind

You Can Join Today From August 1st to August 22nd

Fast of Daniel: Sick Mind

How can I detect if my mind is in need of a detox?

If you can cross any of the following items off your list, then your mind is in need of a spiritual healing the kind that only the power of God and the Holy Spirt an give: Hearing voices, seeing shadows hatred in the hearth, jealousy, envy, uncleanness, selfishness, addictions, being a cheater, idolatry, vulgar behavior, practicing witchcraft or any form of sorcery, constant fighting, prolonged feelings of sadness or fear, hypocrisy, fornication.

How can I obtain a free mind?

By participating of the 21 Days Fast of Daniel in order to receive the Holy Spirit. It is a spiritual detox of any and all secular information or entertainment for a total of 3 weeks. The goal is to unplug from the world and plug in to God’s Word. Coupled with prayer, fasting*, seeking the Presence of the Holy Spirit, one receives the baptism in the Holy Spirit and has the Mind of Christ to lead a happy, complete, successful life.

Mind of Christ

• Salvation • Love, joy, peace • Long-suffering • Kindness, goodness • Faithfulness
• Gentleness, self-control

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