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“I Was in Torment Until I Received the Holy Spirit.”

Tatiane Joined the Fast of Daniel and Her Life Changed Her Life Forever

My life was a mess in every single area. It started when I was a little girl, seeing my parents fight all the time. I started to realize that when my dad was around, it meant my mom would be upset and cry. So I developed a hatred towards my dad. I didn’t even want to hear his voice most days when he was around. As time went on, the torment inside of me grew. I started having a hard time falling asleep, and when I would sleep. I’d have really bad dreams that made me want to wake up and stay awake.

I started having weird thoughts, thinking ‘why was I even born?’ When I’d be walking down the street, I’d think ‘it would be a good idea if a car hit me,’ or ‘I wish I could just go to sleep and never wake up…’ I had to take pills for my depression, and one day my mother tried to overdose and kill herself using those same pills that were supposed to help me. One night, as my dad was awake not able to sleep. He came across the Universal Church on the TV and invited me and my mom.

At first, I wouldn’t take it seriously, and would even become a bother to my parents when they tried to grow in the spiritual life. But there came a moment where the pastor spoke about the 21 Days Fast of Daniel for those who were tired of feeling empty and alone. That was me. Something told me to just try it and take it seriously so I did. I cut off the world, I cut off the friends I made over the internet and decided I wanted God.

Throughout of the 21 Days, I got baptised in the waters more than once, trying to show God how serious I was about receiving His Spirit. And one day, after much seeking and sacrificing, I received the Holy Spirit. All of those negative, suicidal thoughts, depression, feelings of lonliness and sadness went away. I have peace inside, a blessed, united family now and a great job that I never dreamed of having. I encourage everyone to join the 21 Days Fast of Daniel. 


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