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“I Took Out My Anger on Men…”

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“I Took Out My Anger on Men…”

In addition to fear, insecurity is often accompanied by jealousy, lack, and authoritarianism. Magda says that she nurtured these feelings for many years, which hindered her relationships.

She explains that she was quarrelsome and liked to go to parties and clubs and there she would get into trouble with anyone, sometimes for no reason. “I used to fight with someone wherever I went, whether at family parties, at home, or on the streets. I was always very jealous, authoritarian, and thought I was the owner of reason.” Because of some failed relationships, Magda took out her anger on other men she was involved with and believed they should obey her, as this was her marriage reference.

Magda admits that she was addicted to clubs, games, drinking, and friendships: “I was looking for anything to distract myself. There was a feeling of emptiness and I wanted to fill it with relationships, friendships, and addictions that I acquired over time.

José had never dated when he met Magda at a party. After only one month of dating, they decided to move in together. “I had no idea what it was like to have a relationship with someone else. I just went, trusted Magda and found out that we had made the wrong decision because we drank and fought a lot”, says José.

Magda recalls the difficult situation and reveals how the change began. “We decided to stop drinking because the fights were intense. My brother-in-law invited us to go to the Universal Church. From there, I began to learn to act with intelligent faith.

At first, José did not accept the invitation to the meetings. As he considered them to be full of lies and falsehood. However, over time, he noticed the change in his wife and also started to attend.

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