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My Life Was Totally Empty

Read About Zuleica Story and How She Overcame Her Problems

My life was totally empty. I suffered through childhood abuse that left me with a lot of trauma. I couldn’t sleep well at night, I was afraid of men. Then, I carried a lot of anger and hurt inside of me and because I was unhappy, I didn’t want to see anyone else happy.

These bad feelings were making me an increasingly sad and lonely person. On the outside, I was always smiling and I was good with people, but on the inside, I was an empty person, full of hate and depression.

I looked at other happy young people and wanted that for my life too. Everything started to change when my mother received an invitation to visit the Universal Church. We started going together, and there I realized that I needed a change in my life. I started attending church meetings, and then I decided to give my life to God. From that day forward, my life transformation from the inside, out began.

Today I am very happy, I am free from depression, I forgave the person who hurt me in my childhood, I am married and I have a blessed family in the presence of God. I serve God with joy, and the most important thing is that I have His Spirit living inside of me that strengthens me every day.

If you can relate to her story give a call: 1-888-332-4141, there is a men or women of God ready to help you.

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