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How to Escape a Spiritual Prison?

Bishop Joshua Explains That Prison Is Not Just Physical but Also Spiritual

How to Escape a Spiritual Prison?

I do a lot of work with people who are behind bars. Every time that we go to visit the prisoners. We work tirelessly to help them understand that although they are locked up physically. We teach them that they must first concentrate on freeing themselves spiritually.

Yes, spiritually prison is a thing. And it’s not just to those who are in prison.

The problem with a spiritual prison is that it traps your soul. It holds you captive to the point that you can’t even think anymore. It drains your strength and steals your ability to look at the bigger picture.

Just like in a physical prison, a person who is in a spiritual prison doesn’t decide things for themselves. Their circumstances dictate their actions: what hours to work, what to eat when to sleep or not.

The results? Nothing good. Do you feel trapped or captive to a habit, a behavior, an emotion, or an addiction? Perhaps you go through your everyday tasks, but inside you are screaming for freedom- to get out.

These are the feeling of somebody who is captive. The sooner you acknowledge that you have a-problem . The sooner your freedom will come. In order to help you to come out of captivity. I want you to read this verse slowly and understand its meaning:

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.” (2 Corinthians 3:17)

The Spirit of the Lord and the spirit of captivity cannot reside in the same place. The key that will be sent you free is to tighten up your relationship with God seek to have His Spirit inside of you, and then automatically your freedom happens. 

The verse above is the key that opens the gates of the spiritual prison. You will only remain inside if you choose to.

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  • Bishop Joshua Fonseca