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Addiction Landed Me in Jail

Sergio Made One Decision That Changed His Life for Ever...

Sergio was only five years old when he started drinking alcohol with his father. Little did he know that his drinking was going to become an addiction that would land him in jail.

“To make matters worse, my parents sold alcohol at home and I sometimes stole a few bottles and drank. My alcohol intake made it difficult for me to continue with my school. Then, I eventually dropped out in 10th grade. I found a job and my drinking problem escalated. Because I had money to buy myself alcohol. I also made new friends who introduced ,e to drugs. All my salary went to feed my drug and alcohol addiction.”

His addiction later landed him in jail when his girlfriend accused him of rape.Addiction Landed Me in Jail

“We had an argument when we were both drunk and that was the last time I saw her. A few days later police came to arrest me for attempted rape. I spent two years in jail while i was on trial. My drug intake worsened when I was in jail because I wanted to take my mind off the case. Two years after I was found not guilty. As there was not enough evidence linking me to the attempted rape change.”
“The same day I was released from prison I looked for the nearest Universal Church. Because I knew about the church from when I as younger . I started attending services from that day because I wanted to be free from addiction and its consequences.

I attended the services and believed that God was going to deliver me from addiction. Three months later, I was able to quit drugs and alcohol. I started working on my relationship with God and developing my relationship with God. developing my spiritual life by reading my Bible and praying often. I later met Legea and married her after we dated for a year I now live a life that is pleasing to God.”

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