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Baptism in Water

Thirsty for a Change

Water Baptism in Houston Texas February 2021

Can a person who has lied during his whole life regain the confidence of those they love again? Can someone who was considered a criminal become an upstanding member of society? The answer is yes. When a person decides to be baptized in water and changes their character and habits, things can become different.


Do You Know How It Happens?

First, let’s understand that the expression “water baptism” means to declare faith in Jesus Christ publicly when descending into the water, abandoning the mistakes to start over and choosing to obey the laws of God that are in the Bible.

Jesus answered and said to him, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” (John 3:3)

The statement “death of the old creature” is symbolic. It means that the person’s previous ill behaviors, bad habits, and wrong choices no longer exist. For example, if a person was lying, stealing, deceiving people, or whatever sin they committed, they leave those things behind. They start living according to what they know is right. They decide to abandon their previous mistakes to start over. They choose to obey the laws of God that are in the Bible.


Who Can Be Baptized?

Water Baptism in Houston Texas February 2021Anyone who is aware of their sins and wants to start a new life can be baptized. That is why in The Universal Church, we do not baptize children, as they are not yet aware of right and wrong. Another crucial thing to remember is that baptism is only effective when a person is truly repentant for their past mistakes and wants to change. Otherwise, it would just be taking a dip in a pool.

Water Baptism in Houston Texas February 2021Congregants in Houston, Texas, made this important decision a few Sundays ago. Bishop Joshua explained the importance of the water baptism and its significant impact on their relationship with God. Like everything done in The Universal Church, baptism in water is based on the Word of God. Here, the baptism is completely free of charge because we understand that this decision is a step in one’s journey of faith. Pastors continue to offer spiritual support after water baptism.

Are you interested in Baptism? Do you have questions? Give us a call at 1-888-332-4141, send us a text at 1-888-312-4141, visit to chat with a pastor online, or visit The Universal Church near you and speak to a pastor. Click here for a list of our locations worldwide.


Determined to Change

Francisco’s Story

Nothing made me happy. I used drugs for 23 years to try to fill the void in my chest. I felt hatred, lied often, hung around with bad company, had bad friendships, heard voices, was very sad, and shut myself off.

One day I saw my wife in tears in the bathroom, and that made me question God. The Universal Church was on the TV, and I said that if God existed, that He would change our lives from that moment. That’s when I took all the drugs and alcohol and threw them away. My wife was hemorrhaging from excessive drug use, but after I prayed, she woke up.

We decided to go to the church the next day. We talked to the pastor and understood the need for baptism. After all, we were determined to change. Since then, our lives have been transformed. We gained the peace we didn’t have and the happiness that comes from God.

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