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Alcohol Addiction for Over 10 Years

Joseph's Story


Unable to deal with the tragedy that left his wife disabled, Joseph drank alcohol heavily. His wife became paralyzed after giving birth to their youngest child.


I became a wreck and could not stand seeing my wife in a wheelchair, unable to do what she used to do before. I hired a full-time helper for her because I was still working, but the sudden changes that came with her inability to move around left me shattered. I drank every day and spent most of my time with my friends. That gave me temporary relief from my situation. I also dated many women to get the intimacy I could no longer get from my wife.

Joseph tried quitting alcohol for over ten years, but he always found himself going back to the bottle.

My drinking affected my relationship with my wife as she complained about my absence at home and the money I wasted on alcohol, but I could not help myself to change.

His sister introduced Joseph to The Universal Church.

I attended the services with my sister because I desired to change. At the end of the service, I spoke to a pastor about my drinking problem, and he advised me to attend the deliverance service to be free from alcohol addiction. That was when I realized that my drinking had taken me away from my family.

I never drank alcohol again from the first day I attended the service. I became a responsible father and husband. I spent my time at home and learned to assist my wife with the little things I could do. I understood that my wife needed my companionship more than she had before. That brought peace to my married life as she became a happy person. I was also able to buy a house for my family after renting for many years. There is peace and warmth in my family because I no longer drink and neglect my family.