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The Epic TV Series “The Promised Land” Premieres Today3 min read

Monday, January 11th at 7 PM CST, Only on the Universal Living Faith Network

The Promised Land TV Bible inspired drama series - picture by Munir Chatack / Record
Actor Sidney Sampaio interprets Joshua in the epic Bible inspired TV drama series The Promised Land

(Source: Record TV)

God’s promise to Abraham was that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. And yet, God also warned him about the suffering that they would endure, that they would live as strangers in a foreign land and be forced into slavery for 400 years. But God promised to judge the nation that oppressed them and set His people free and give them abundant riches during the fourth generation of slavery, and that they would then return to the land He had promised to Abraham.

Moses and the Ten Commandments as  recently been shown on ULFN, and now the story continues with The Promised Land, as Moses dies and God raises Joshua to lead His people into the land flowing with milk and honey.

In all, The Promised Land is comprised of 179 episodes and premieres today, January 11th, at 7 PM CST on the Universal Living Faith Network.

The main goal of Renato Modesto, the series’ author, was to emphasize the amazing faith and character of the people in this amazing story. A great deal of research, planning, and organization went into this epic production, and according to the author, writing the episodes that involved the fall of the walls of Jericho was the most inspiring and moving.

He also mentioned that the biggest challenge was to remain faithful to the Biblical narrative of the story. “You can’t film an account from the Bible without staying faithful to its contents. But simply reproducing the text of the Bible could come off as a mere history lesson or religious preaching, which viewers don’t want. People want entertainment, romance, emotion and humor. So you have to respect the Bible but at the same time be creative to attract viewers,” explained Renato Modesto.

“In order to remain faithful to their covenant with God, Joshua and the Hebrew people had to overcome countless obstacles. And in life, we all have walls of Jericho to bring down, we all have Jordan rivers to cross, we all do. So, what I want the most is for viewers to see themselves in this story, and to be encouraged by these examples of courage, perseverance, and faith,” added Modesto.

Actor Sidney Sampaio interprets Joshua in the epic Bible inspired TV drama series The Promised Land

(Source: Record TV)

For Sidney Sampaio, the actor playing Joshua, this was the most important role of his career, because it taught him many profound lessons.

“He’s an example of what we can achieve. For me, Joshua is a great example of, “If you believe, anything’s possible. But you have to believe,” shares Sampaio.

The Promised Land premieres tonight at 7 PM CST on the Universal Living Faith Network, and it will continue to air on weekdays at the same time. Weekly reruns will air on Saturdays at 4 PM CST and Sundays at 3 PM CST.

You can also watch new episodes through the ULFN 24/7 Live Stream on the ULFN website and apps.

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