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Peace Is Necessary for Us to Live


There is not a single person in the world who does not want peace because everyone wants it. If a person is sick, they want to be cured. If they have financial problems, they want to solve them. People want to get a job to live well. They want all this because they want peace in all areas of their lives. 

Peace is necessary for us to live. Most people do not know there is the worlds and God’s peace. God’s peace is the Holy Spirit, and when it enters a human being, it remains. With this peace, the person transmits the perfume of the Lord Jesus wherever they go, and he is okay with everyone around him.

It is necessary to forgive the person who has hurt you so that peace can be part of your life. If there is no forgiveness, there is no peace. For example, how will you be at peace with the person who hurt you if you don’t forgive them? Even if you say you have forgiven countless times, you must forgive seventy times seven, as the Lord Jesus oriented in Matthew 18:21.

Understand that forgiving someone who caused you pain will also be forgiving yourself. On the other hand, when you do not forgive your neighbor, you are not forgiven by God. Unfortunately, then you will carry a cancer in your soul that no doctor can cure.

Whoever wants to follow this guidance of the Lord Jesus will reap the fruits of obedience. Otherwise, they will reap the fruits of suffering, and no one can do anything.

Therefore, forgive the person who did something against you. By doing so, God will forgive you even if this person does not ask you for forgiveness. It would be best to forgive them because evil lives with the pain within you. Get rid of this feeling, get rid of it, and then have peace.

-Bishop Joshua 

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