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“Her Skin Would Tear Apart and Start to Bleed”

Evelyn's Story

"Her Skin Would Tear Apart and Start to Bleed"Evelyn began to experience deep sadness at the age of 13 years old as a result of a skin condition she was facing at the time. From her neck down to her ankles, eczema took over her whole body. It caused much complex and physical pain to the point that she could not even sleep. The simple task of just walking around would become difficult as her skin would tear apart and start to bleed.

“I started to question why I was the only one in my family to face this. For this reason, I caused a lot of problems at home. I would express my inner feelings outwardly by smashing and breaking the items around the house.

I had uncontrollable anger and often used my two sisters as my punching bag. It instigated fear within my mother because she did not know how to help me.”

“That’s when I began to think of ways to stop the feeling of void and emptiness within me. I would self-harm as it gave me a sense of control over my life. There was a time when I tried drinking bleach and got a wire to hang myself, but my mother stopped me. I would search Google for painless ways to die, and started taking pills in the hopes of overdosing and ended up in the hospital. The doctor referred me to therapy sessions.

I started therapy with high expectations that I would finally find a solution. Still, the more I attended, my life continued to tear apart.

‘The turning point happened three days later when two people approached and invited me to The Universal Church. I started attending the Friday service for deliverance. I understood that there was a root behind the problems I was facing. But the seven years of trying to find a solution stole any hope or belief that things would change for me.

“Yet, I kept attending the services. I would fast and pray constantly, fighting to see a change in my condition. I shifted my focus to really investing in my relationship with God. The more I came to the church, the deep sadness disappeared. Sometime after, I didn’t even notice I no longer needed my inhaler.

As time went by, my eczema started to clear up as well. No longer does my skin tear apart. After two years of attending the church, there is no more fighting, arguing, and the desire to smash and break things at home. We spend time together as a family. I do not have negative thoughts or low self-esteem. Nor do I feel empty and a void. Today, I am healed and have found true happiness.”

– Evelyn Fagberni

The Universal Church
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