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My First Suicide Attempt Was at 142 min read

Sueli Was Very Depressed but by Coming to the Universal Church She Received Help

My First Suicide Attempt Was at 142 min read

Since, I was a child my life was marked by problems, complexes, and suicide attempts. I was not happy and I thought that taking my life would end my suffering. At the age of 14, I tried to commit suicide for the first time and ended up in the hospital. There, where I thought I was safe, I suffered an attempt I was safe. I suffered an attempt of abuse by one of the doctors. It was a shock that left me even sadder and more empty.

At, 17 my mother died of cancer and once again I tried to end my life. Because, I couldn’t take the pain anymore. Time passed, I got married and when I thought I would finally be happy, I was rejected by my husband. I looked for help in witchcraft they told me that serving the spirits would change my life. But I ended up suffering even more.My First Suicide Attempt Was at 14

I attempted suicide once more, and after that attempt, I found out I was pregnant. After the birth of my son, I sought the reconciliation of my marriage. But when my son was 6 months old, my husband left home. I always wondered why so much suffering. Until, one day I was told about a living God who would transform my life. Attending the Universal Church, I heard the pastor talk about baptism with the Holy Spirit.

I put Him as my priority. I obeyed everything that was said, I was baptized in water and. Gave my life 100% to the Lord Jesus. Finally, during a meeting, I was baptized with the Holy Spirit. What a joy I felt there are no words that can express the wonder of knowing God. My dreams were fulfilled, my life.

Today my life transformed. I married a man of God, who was the answer to my prayers. My children are a blessing and I am completely happy and fulfilled thanks to the Lord Jesus.


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