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My Left Side Became Disfigured!

Read about Cynthia's Story and How She Overcame Her Problems

A sudden illness forced Cynthia to leave her six-year daughter in the care of her brother while she went in and out of the hospital. She woke up one morning to find her left side was not functioning.

“I realized my left side could not move. I thought I had a stroke and I went to the clinic where I was told that it was high blood pressure. My hand became dysfunctional and days later, I battled to walk and talk properly. In my mind I felt like I could not sleep peacefully at night because my left side was painful.

I was then referred to a hospital where I was diagnosed with a heart condition. I went in and out of the hospital and had to leave my daughter with my brother because my mother was a live-in domestic worker in another city. It broke my heart to leave my daughter with my brother and I often wondered if she bather and fed. My whole left side became disfigured and a doctor told me that I needed a valve replacement,” she said.
Her sudden ill health left Cynthia confused and downcast until she started attending services at the UniversalMy Left Side Became Disfigured! Church and learned how to use her faith to change her situation.

“A member from the church was given a newspaper from the church. I then went in to receive prayer before going to the hospital for my normal check-up. I continued attending the services on Tuesday for my healing. There months later my health started to improve and I was able to walk and talk normally. I slept peacefully at night without feeling any pain. I continued taking my treatment and using my faith for my complete healing. My journey was difficult however with God by my side I am now enjoying a healthy life.”

Cynthia learned to overcome her problem through this ministry. Take the first step and come to a Universal Church near you. Give us a call and speak to a pastor 1-888-332-4141.

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