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“I Watched Death Videos and Played Violent Games…”

Ester's Adolescence Was Marked by Anger

Insomnia and marked Esther’s adolescence. Today, the situation is quite different.

Much of Ester’s adolescence was marked by anger and destructive feeling, such as the desire to die. At 13, she had the uncontrolled person. “I watched death videos and playing violent games. I liked those scenes with blood and stabbing. it gave me pleasure. In that situation, I tasted blood in my mouth. I used to bite my mouth. I used to bite my mouth inside to take it even more”, she recalls.“I Watched Death Videos and Played Violent Games..."

Esther had seen how her parents’ relationship grew cold. They became increasingly distant. But the issue that had a familiar stamp was, in fact, totally spiritual. “At the age of 11, I no longer slept, I had nightmares, I saw shadows, I heard voices.

I often woke up screaming and sweating. I even saw the lock and the door to my room move. When I opened it to see who it was, there was no one. The house was big, the rooms were far from each other and I slept alone,” says Ester, who was taken to the hospital became of insomnia.

“Despite some problems, I had a happy childhood and a good education. My mother gave us all our needs. Even so, I was unhappy, I cried every night. But when asked how I was doing, I always said that everything was fine. God only knew what I was going through in that room.”

Within it was a great confusion of feeling, but there was also a seed. That’s because, in her childhood, she got to know the Universal Church, along with her older sister. She decided to return to the church. “That’s when I made the decision to seek my deliverance. And it happened in four, five months. I was set free”, she recalls.

With the transformation that has taken place, she has been free since then.”I can say that I am happy in every way. I am a person who thought that death was the best solution.

“Today I have life, peace, I am complete. I have God’s direction in everything I do and the strength to face everyday struggles using faith. My behavior has changed, as well as my way of thinking.”

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