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Depressed and Low Self-Esteem

Erineide Was Not Pleased With Her Self, She Explains What Happened After She Started Attending the Universal Church

The lack of self-esteem and the lack of inner peace prevented Erineide from having a happy marriage and a fulfilled life.

“I was a sad person, depressed, very negative, and without self-esteem. In addition, I had problems in my marriage, as I fought a lot with my husband.Depressed and Low Self-Esteem

When I came to the Universal Church, I realized that I had to change my attitudes. I started to make the chains of prayer.

I participated in all of them because I wanted to change everything. But in reality, my head was very confused and nothing changed. Because I kept doing the same wrong things.”

“One day, when I heard a lecture by Bishop Macedo on priorities, I realized that I had to find out what mine was. Amid all that confusion in my head, I realized that if I wanted to change, I had to make the Holy Spirit my priority.

Shortly thereafter, a purpose of faith came about and I saw an opportunity there to give myself and to seek God with all my strength, doing everything to get close to God: I prayed at dawn, fasted every day, I empty myself of all the news, in short, I searched the Altar as my priority.”

“From then on, I stopped being the same person, because all the inner conflict. Which I felt and that led me to be a confused, quarrelsome and without self-esteem woman, ceased to exist. In its place, there has been an understanding of others and immense peace. Which has reflected in my marriage and my relationship with the people around me.”Erineide

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