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The Power of God Can Breakthrough in Your Home!

Home Bitter Home

Family. The word alone has positive connotations of happiness, unity and togetherness. In the mind’s eye, one sees parents and children having dinner together, spending time together, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. But is this what you see when you think of your family?

Some people would prefer to forget the harsh reality of their family unit, because for them it only means pain, frustration and anguish. In addition, these negative feelings are brought on by external factors that leak their way into the home, putting a strain on and even destroying the family unit.

To change the family reality, it is necessary to invest in intelligent faith. According to Bishop Renato, this faith gives the guarantee, which comes from God Himself, that the family will be blessed. “That way, you shouldn’t be looking at your family member’s problem. Do not look at your relative’s sin or look at your relative’s condition. Look at the faith. Look at the power of God. Certainly, He will take care of the family of those who put their faith in Him.”

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