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I Trusted in Him 100% In Every Way

“If It Were Not for the Campaign of Israel, I Would Have Been a Dead Man...”

I Trusted in Him 100% In Every Way

Life Story of Manuel Pantaleon

My father was an alcoholic. Whenever he got paid, he would spend the money on alcohol. The nights he would arrive home drunk, I knew there would be arguments. He fought a lot with my mom for no reason and physically abused her real bad. To him, I was a zero. And he made sure to remind me of it in the moments where I needed his love the most.

Not too long after I turned 13, I started smoking. It started with marijuana then, I got hooked on cocaine a year later. I joined a gang when I was about 17 years old and was later jumped; by 12 men. They stabbed me six times and left me for dead. It was a miracle I made it to the hospital, and I spent 8 hours in surgery. Although my body recovered, things in my life just kept worsening.

I remember trying to kill myself because I was separated from my girlfriend and two little children. But, I heard about the Universal Church through my mother. I made a Chain of Prayer to be set free from addictions, the depression. Also, I let go of the wrong crowds I hung around.

God set me free from all of those things, and I knew that I wanted to stick with this God forever. I heard about the Campaign of Israel, a challenge done in the Church twice a year for those who want to see a complete transformation done in their lives.

And although I was set free from the addictions, God restored peace in my mind and I started on the right path in life, I knew I needed to join in this campaign. I did not want God only for the blessings He could give me. I wanted to surrender my entire life to Him in exchange for the Holy Spirit.

That’s right. I sacrificed in the Campaign of Israel to receive the Holy Spirit. know I could have asked God for anything, like for Him to bring my family back, but what use would it have been to me if I did so and remained the same person I was in the past on the inside who did not have the presence of God?

I knew that I needed to sacrifice my all, so that is what I did. God spoke to me. It felt like I heard Him whisper that He wanted me to trust Him 100% in every way. So I went all in, everything that came into my hands during that week of the Campaign. I separated it for my sacrifice.I Trusted in Him 100% In Every Way

I remember even saying no to my daughter when she asked me for money to buy something she needed. It hurt me to do it, but I knew that a sacrifice had to be painful for it to truly be a sacrifice. I climbed the Altar and fulfilled my vow to God, and when I climbed down, I knew I had been sealed with the Holy Spirit.

The assurance that God’s Spirit was inside me was so powerful and undeniable. Today I am a man of God. Now, I am happily married and I have a great relationship with my family. All the areas of my life are stable and blessed. Join the Campaign of Israel for a new life.