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Who Are You Behind Your Smile?

There Is a Cure for Anxiety, Drinking and Depression

.When looking at the smile on Alessandra’s face, no one can imagine how much she suffered in the past. Her life has been marked by spiritual disturbances and the desire to die. She suffered from anxiety, inferiority complex, and insomnia.
Those who watched her had no idea of her struggles. “I had a very big void. I felt ugly and I was unhappy. I was very outgoing with my friends and I am today but in the past, I used to play with them to hide, to disguise who I was. I made a lot of people laugh, but I wasn’t happy.”Who Are You Behind Your Smile?

At home, Alessandra had a troubled relationship with her mother and this made her even more insecure. It was full of fights and confusion. “In my house, there was no peace. There were a lot of problems with my mom. From the way she treated me, I felt very wronged. She didn’t know how to talk to me, spoke unpleasant words, offended me, and only heard the criticism. She wanted an affection that I did not receive. With that, I started to hate her.”

Alessandra saw shadows and the image of her father who was already deceased in I made a lot of people laugh, but I wasn’t happy with the rooms of the house. She had constant nightmares and always felt the presence of something behind her, which made her afraid of everything. “I was very nervous and very arrogant. When a person said something to me, I immediately responded with a lot of ignorance. I lost several friendships and good opportunities in life because of this behavior.”

Who Are You Behind Your Smile?She tried to take her own life three times. “I remember that one day after a fight, I started taking several medications. At another time, I was sure that I would pierce myself with a knife. But, a message came to my mind that told me that hell exists. I gave up immediately.”
Alessandra’s brother started attending the Universal Church. Watching his behavior change, she understood that the solution to her problems was God. “He had already asked me to go to church but I didn’t pay any attention. I decided to go with him on a Sunday. From then on, everything changed in my life. God started to work on my thoughts. It was as if His Word entered me and changed my inner being.

That emptiness ceased to exist, for Jesus filled it with His presence. Today I accept myself the way I am.” Peace has also become present at home. “I forgave my mother and I don’t have any more resentment towards her.” Today, her smile reflects her true self. “Joy is constant in my life.”


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