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Dependence Comes From Above

The Human Being Becomes Dependent on the One Capable Of Supplying All His Needs

Many have tirelessly sought independence through material achievements. However, there is an achievement that can only be achieved by those who recognize the importance of God in their lives. It is not difficult to see how people are “lacking” in direction. This is visible from the choices they make based on feelings and the consequences that those choices generate.

For a few moments of joy and pleasure, many put themselves at risk, claiming that they are the “owners” of their own lives. There is an incessant search for “something” that fills the “void” that they carry in their soul. They try to put things and people to fill it, which only causes them to accumulate frustration. What these people are unaware of is that nothing is able to fill this space except: the Holy Spirit. The Word of God says: But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you (Acts 1.8).

The Holy Spirit is God Himself dwelling in a person. To have Him is to have true independence. Because in Him the human being becomes dependent on the One capable of supplying all his needs. This does not mean that people will no longer be needed. But, it will no longer be necessary to depend on their approval and direction. The exclusive dependence on God teaches you how to relate to yourself and to others. The most important of all is that the person ceases to be a creature and becomes a child of God, because the Holy Spirit is the Divine DNA and is also the guarantee of Salvation. However, it is impossible to have the Spirit of God without first prioritizing God Himself, knowing and doing His will.

For you to receive the Holy Spirit, you have to be free from all evil. Receive strong prayers for deliverance every Friday.

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