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Coincidence or Something More Sinister At Work?

How To Be Set Free From Curses

Is it a coincidence, that after being told that you will never amount to anything all your life it actually happens? Is it a coincidence that everyone in your family gets into accidents or falls with the same sickness? Is it a coincidence that after visiting the tarot reader things took a turn for the worst? Is it a coincidence that those negative feelings towards yourself actually materialized?

Whilst a coincidence is an unexplained pairing of two or more events, curses can be explained. Curses are real and the explanation is simple:

“The thief does not come
except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.” John 10:10
This is a well-known Bible verse but few actually pay attention to how the devil works. If your life is plagued by a series of negative events. If it seems as though you can never catch a break. If you are feeling cursed, then chances are, it’s probably true.

What I have described above are four types of curses:
1. The Spoken Curse: “You are such an idiot” “You are just like so-and-so” “You are going to end up dead or in prison etc.” This is a curse where destruction is spoken to life. It is common among family members.

2. The Generational Curse: Diseases, addition, death, accidents, suicidal tendencies. Things that seem hereditary within the family.

3. The Acquired Curse: When you seek help from dark spirits such as witchcraft, tarot cards, palm readers etc.,those dark spirits accompany you throughout your life.

4. The Invoked Curse: When you proclaim negative words towards yourself, they can actually come to pass.

Regardless of how the curse entered your life, the way to break them all is the same – by using faith and taking authority over the devil. Yes, that’s right. God has given you the power to destroy all of Satan’s plans and break all curses in your life.

Now that you are armed with all this information, what are you going to do about those unfortunate events you are experiencing? Praise and worship are just not enough! If you don’t fight back then the thief will succeed. Find your fighting spirit and get to work. When God is with you, the gates of hell shall not prevail…

You can break free. You deserve to be happy.

The Universal Church
  • Bishop Joshua Fonseca