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What Is Depression?

There Is a Way Out for You

What Is Depression?

Depression is a disease felt in the deepest part of the soul. Only someone who has experienced it knows just how crippling it is. Depression has been bringing millions of Americans to end of their ropes, you who truly understands the fullness of what it means there is hope for you. Yes, there is indeed a cure for depression and it is an easy pill to swallow.

We are in no way attempting to down the doctors or researchers for the extensive work and dedication they have put into finding help for those suffering with depression, however, we see countless cases of people coming to this ministry, receiving the strong prayer to uproot that spirit of depression, and leaving out the church with a genuine and sincere smile that expresses the relief and peace they now have their soul. Here in this ministry, we not only pray strong against the evil spirit that is in depression, but we teach you how to receive the spirit of God that will fill you up and give an eternal peace. And you will be able to say once and for all, that there is indeed a cure to cure to depression not because you read about it somewhere or heard it from someone else’s lips-but because you have experienced that freedom in your own life. The best proof of your life.

Many people who have come to this ministry feeling depressed and lost, and how they were What Is Depression?set free. That is proof enough on its own: so make the right choice. Be happy again in life. Find a Universal Church near you today, or simply call us now to get more info: 1 (888)-332-4141.

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