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I Had an Emptiness That Nothing Could Fill for Years…

Depression Has a Cure

I Had an Emptiness That Nothing Could Fill for Years...


I grew up without my mother, my father is the one who raised me, along with my grandmother. This pain of knowing I did not have a mother in my life to help me caused a deep sadness and emptiness in me. I would have preferred to live my life thinking she simply could not take care of me for a very serious reason, but knowing what I knew just made the sadness and depression grow even stronger within me. She simply did not want me. She had other children with a different man, and chose them over me.”

The depression hit me the hardest when I was entering my teen years, this is when I needed her the most; so many changes were happening in my body, in my school among my peers and although my dad was there, he couldn’t really help me the way I needed. This is when the wildness began. I turned into a crazy, wild teen in school – doing anything I wanted without thinking of the consequences. My dad opened up a nightclub and let me party thereI Had an Emptiness That Nothing Could Fill for Years... all the time to make me feel better, but this is where I was introduced to the world of alcohol abuse. I just wanted something to make me feel happy and take that depression away, but this was the beginning of the worst time of my life. I became an addict; I would drink so much alcohol and wouldn’t remember anything from the night before. I got pregnant and my boyfriend left me once he heard the news. I was tired and tried overdosing to kill myself. It was around this time I decided to take God seriously, because until this time I was coming to Church but wasn’t serious with my faith. I told God I was going to change, I was ready to have a new life. I gave up my entire old life, I stopped drinking, I stopped going to the nightclubs and started obeying the Word of God. And God did answer me. He set me free from the depression, He took away that anger I had against my mother and gave me His Holy
Spirit. Today, I help young girls who are going through what I went through, and God has completely blessed me in every way. I can truly say I am happy and know for a fact that there is a cure for depression. Come to this ministry and you will see what I mean!


Just like there was a way out for Rafaela, there is a way out for you also. Give us a call at 1-888-332-4141 or send us a text at 1-888-312-4141. There’s a cure for depression, go to the nearest Universal Church and find help.



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