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I Am Not Okay

I Was Bullied in School, It Made Me Want to to Kill Myself

I Am Not Okay


Multiple research outlets that suicide rates are climbing in young adults with ages ranges from 10-24 years old. There are many determining factors that contribute to teen suicide one of which being bullying is a serious thing, and this is what Malanie experienced. She would have given in to those thoughts telling her to commit suicide if it was left unchecked… Take a moment to read her story now, and if you can relate, now is the time to do as she did. Waiting to feel better is like waiting for money to grow on trees- it won’t happen. Get up and make a decision now.

“I didn’t have many friends in school. At home things were okay. My parents loved me and grew up in church so, I had every reason to be a happy girl. But in school, people would pick on me. I was always alone, no one came near me because they just did on me. I was always alone, no one came near me because they just did not like me. They didn’t know me but they did not like me. this confused,e and make me feel so depressed. I got bullied a lot and over time, thoughts started coming in my head- thoughts to kill myself and end my pain. I had aI Am Not Okay pretty good relationship with my mother, so I remember telling her about the bullying I faced in school, but I never told her about the suicidal thoughts that bombarded me every day. My absolute lowest point was when I felt like I had absolutely no reason to exist. I had me I was useless. I even started getting involved with people online who were no good for me because I carved that positive attention that I was not getting from people in school. One day, I locked myself in my room and decided that was the day I would hang myself. Right, when I was about to do it, someone walked into my room and I snapped out of it. This is when my brother invited me to the Universal Church. I did want to go, I went anyway. The pastor spoke about wanted a new life that day, and at that moment I knew it was what I needed. I needed a new life, but I needed to put my old life to rest. so I continued coming to church and got involved in youth groups. I enjoyed the meeting and that and is here I was set free from suicidal thoughts and depression. I started seeking the Holy Spirit, and when I received Hime, I was made whole. I no longer felt that emptiness in me, and I no longer crave attention from others to feel happy and loved.”


“All of the feelings of being rejected, all of that sadness I had inside because of the bullying I faced in school, all of those thoughts that told me I should hang myself – were all removed once I came to the Universal Church. I am at peace.” -Melanie Gaspar

If you can relate to her story give us a call at 1-888-332-4141 or send us a text at 1-888-312-4141. We are here to help you. Join us on Sunday at the Defeat Depression Event at 10 AM at every Universal Church near you.

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