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Smiling Depression

The Most Common Mental Disorder To Pick Up On This Day

Smiling depression is the most difficult mental disorder to pick up on this day. People who currently suffer from this form of depression appear to be highly active members of society, but when the doors close, and they are all alone, all masks fall off. There are many subtleSmiling Depression signs of smiling depression that go unnoticed and undetected, mainly since people who suffer from this form of depression are smiling, putting up a brave face in public acting, acting as though they are ‘okay. The inward signs of a person dealing with smiling depression vary from fatigue and lack of appetite, all the way to feelings of hopelessness and loss of desire to do the things he or she once took pleasure in doing. contrary to this, the outward signs to look out for:

They always seem to be happy. A person with smiling depression will try a little too hard to sell that they are truly happy. Deep down, they believe showing their true feelings is a sign of weakness, so they overall the idea that everything is okay.

Smiling DepressionThey downplay their emotional health. people with smiling depression cover up how they truly feel inside due to guilt. ‘If others have far worse than me, what am I complaining about?’ Is the sad yet common thought process of someone with smiling depression. They suppress their negative feelings in front of people who love them, all the while the sad, lost feeling grows day by day.

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