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“I Drank My Blood and Frequented Cemeteries”

Maiara's Story


Maiara knew about The Universal Church when she was a child, but she left the church at 15 years old. The first moments of withdrawal gave her a feeling of freedom, but she describes what happened later.


The disappointments came, and I became depressed. I began to self-harm, drank my blood, and went to cemeteries alone because I felt a false sensation of peace. When self-harming ceased to be sufficient, I learned about addictions, such as marijuana, cigarettes, and drinking.

She says that her rock bottom happened with the end of a relationship, but it was also when she remembered God.

I was feeling groundless and thought that I was no longer useful for anything. I thought about throwing myself off the bridge. When I was going to do that, I heard a voice that told me to go to church and give myself one last chance.

Near the place where Maiara was, there was a location of The Universal Church.

I decided to go back to the Lord Jesus. I gave God the life that I was going to throw off from the bridge. I had nothing more to lose.

Gradually, Maiara absorbed the teachings and the direction that came from the Word of God.

I was free and got baptized in the water. When I heard that the Holy Spirit wanted to dwell in me, it opened my eyes. Who was I not to forgive myself if God had forgiven me and given me another chance?

Maiara received the Holy Spirit that day. She says that since that day, everything has changed.

That feeling that I was lost is gone. I know that everything is in the hands of God and that He is in control.


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