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Free Holy Oil Distribution on January 31st

Blessed by Bishops and Pastors at the Temple of Solomon


Earlier this month, Bishops and Pastors of The Universal Church from 6 different continents all traveled to South America.
The mission was simple: Bless the congregants of The Universal Church worldwide. Each continent was represented by the Bishop overseeing the work there. Bishop Joshua, the host of the Showdown of Faith on the Universal Living Faith Network, represented those in The Universal Church in North America and the Caribbean Islands.

Why do we travel to holy places?

It is through supernatural faith in God’s Word that we take action. We believe God is still alive, and by venturing to the Temple of Solomon in Brazil, we provoke the blessings of God upon the lives of those who not only believe in God’s power but also are ready for their lives to be transformed like never seen before.

What’s in store for you?

This coming Sunday, at every Universal Church nationwide, you will receive your very own bottle of the Holy Oil, blessed at the Temple of Solomon by Bishops and Pastors worldwide. Use the Holy Oil, together with your faith, for a blessing in all the areas of your life.* No limits!

How much will the Holy Oil cost?

You won’t pay a penny; it is 100% free of charge. Call (888) 332-4141 today and find a location of The Universal Church near you. Your blessings are waiting.


* The Holy Oil is an element of Faith and is NOT a replacement for any medical treatment. Please follow your doctor’s instructions along with using your faith in the Word of God.


"I was told I would never walk again, but then I used the Holy Oil." (Leticia)“I Was Told I Would Never Walk Again, but Then I Used the Holy Oil.” – Leticia’s Story

I work a lot on my feet, and one day I remember feeling a sharp pain in my legs. At first, I thought it would go away with some stretches and time, but the pain became unbearable. After going to the doctor, I found out I had a severe blood clot in my legs. My knees were swollen, I could barely walk without holding onto the walls near me – not to mention I couldn’t go up or downstairs. Even with medicine, my situation only worsened. I was even told that I would never be able to walk normally again. I was 24 years old when this happened. How could I accept that? It was around this time that the Holy Oil was being distributed in the church. I told God, “If You are real, then please heal me.” I used the Holy Oil to anoint my legs and my knees. Day by day, the swelling went down. It was a miracle happening right before my eyes! I started regaining strength in my legs, and today I am fully healthy!



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