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A Kingdom Divided Against Itself3 min read

Highlights From the Sunday to Bulletproof Your Marriage Event

an illustration of a house parted in two, with one side being tides to a man who is running and dragging that part away, and the other part is tied to a woman, who is running and dragging the part to the opposite direction from the man

Families form the core of every society. They are the foundation of every nation. They affect every aspect of a society and its people. And children carry the experience of their homes, good or bad, for the rest of their lives, which at times manifest in very subtle, unconscious behavior. In fact, research shows that children of divorced parents have 50% more health problems compared to children of parents with a healthy marriage (Angel, Worobey). Broken homes cause a great deal of emotional and mental distress, and children who grow up in these harsh environments attempt suicide nearly twice as often (Velez-Cohen).

Because of the crucial importance of happy marriages and families, on Sunday the 25th of October, The Universal Church held the Bulletproof Marriage Event in Houston, Texas, which was broadcast live, nationwide, on the Universal Living Faith Network, Facebook, and YouTube. Bishop Joshua and his wife, Ima Fonseca, shared insights from the Word of God for couples, singles, divorced couples and those who are separated. They didn’t talk about what they’d learned from books or scholarly articles, but from the words of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, words which they have put into practice in their marriage and family. Their advice came from listening and obeying God’s Spirit, and from experiencing the Bible’s promises in their own home.

Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand. (Matthew 12:25)

Bishop Joshua explained that a home is like a kingdom. Husbands are the king, and wives are the queen inside of their homes.

When I’m in conflict with my wife, I’m in conflict with myself. If my wife is in conflict with me, she’s in conflict with herself. Many couples only see the problems and mistakes, they don’t see the good qualities of their spouses. If you don’t focus on the good qualities of your husband or wife, you’ll always be complaining about their mistakes. And when you criticize each other you’re criticizing yourself. When you cause them to suffer, you’re causing yourself to suffer. Family problems begin inside the home. If you’re strong and united in your marriage, in your relationship, you’ll be able to face any problem that comes your way, you’ll overpower and overcome it. But when your home is divided, when your relationship and family are doing badly, any small problem can overpower you. So, don’t be in conflict with your family. Fight for them! (Bishop Joshua)

You chose your husband, you chose your wife. That’s why you need to do everything in your power to get along with them. Do all you can to create a home that’s full of peace because your family, especially your children, are watching what you do at home. They see when you go to church and act one way, then come home and act another way. Show respect to your spouse, and they will respect you as well. (Ima Fonseca)

Bishop ended by reminding those present and viewers that children don’t follow our advice, but our examples, good or bad. They’ll carry those examples into their adult lives and even their relationship with God can be affected by it.

Everyone was invited up to the Altar where couples and singles received a special prayer for their love life, for unity in their homes, and God’s protection for their families.

If you need guidance and prayer for your love life and family, The Universal Church has a team of pastors and pastors’ wives who are prepared to help you free of charge, and who make themselves available for counseling 7 days a week.

Meetings for your love life and relationships take place every Thursday at 7 pm, and for spiritual growth and family on Sundays at 10 am. For more information, please call 888-332-4141, text 888-312-4141, or chat with a pastor at

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