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I Just Want to Be Happy3 min read

Three women smiling looking happy

You must have heard or spoken this saying many times. It is in movies, TV series, soap operas, in social networks, videos… In reality, it turned into a religion. People believe faithfully that being happy if the most important thing, and to achieve this, they should not think about anyone else. They place themselves first, second and third, whatever it may cost, regardless of whom they hurt, frustrate, or disappoint.

Many children are growing up without their mom because she desires so much to grow in her career, make a lot of money, invest in her looks, and travel the world. So, she does not have time to educate or take care of a child. One day, that child was the reason for her happiness, but after the phase of cute pregnancy pictures, preparing the baby’s room, and the cute baby clothes, she grew tired.

Many husbands are being betrayed because his wife wanted deeply to feel desired, and the “hunk” at work makes her feel this way. He makes her feel desired, something that the hubby does not do so well anymore. She hates routine and wants the adventure and danger of living an extramarital affair just as that romance she saw on the TV screen.

Many families became like strangers within their homes, because everyone wants to have their privacy while they stare at their cellphones. They hate reality and prefer the virtual world where everyone can be what they always wanted, do everything they always wanted to do, and say what they always wanted to say, condemn, judge, hate, curse. Everything in the name of “freedom of speech” (even if using a fake profile) and to sum it up, they receive the attention they always desired to have without having to be their true self. They throw the truth in the trash. It is a current trend to pretend to be who you are not, isn’t it so?

It is because they just want to be happy.

However, to be happy under what criteria? Certainly, not God’s criteria because it requires self-denial, nor society’s criteria since it also requires respect and discipline…

Deep down, they just want to feel happy. And, to feel happy, they will need to please their hearts. Therefore, their happiness will fall into the criteria of the heart, and without knowing, they are fulfilling the wants of their number-one enemy.

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it? (Jeremiah 17:9)

Now I ask: How can something so deceiving, perverse, and corrupt as the heart deserve so much from me and you?

If you want to be truly happy, then stop thinking that you need to FEEL happy, because by searching for this feeling you will fall into the traps of your number-one enemy. Or, do you think your enemy wants to see you happy?

I am happy, not because I feel happy, but because I AM HAPPY. My happiness comes from within me, and that’s why I do not need anything exteriorly to make me feel anything. My enemy (the deceitful heart) does not have a say in my daily life decisions. I do what is right before God, even if sometimes it goes against what I want. And do you know how He compensates me? Making me even happier than before.

In the faith.

The Universal Church
  • Cristiane Cardoso 

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