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The Story of Sheila Ellis2 min read

Universal Beyond Bars (UBB)

Sheila Ellis' Story – Former inmate
I was in a difficult situation one day and I was arrested for armed robbery with a box cutter. I was a very violent person and was a classified G5, closed custody. I was locked up 24 hours a day and whenever I would move around, I was shackled hands, waist and feet.

I lived in prison with a street mentality and would always be fighting with the officers and other offenders. I would act like the other inmates and didn’t care about anyone. My mindset was that if anyone came up to me they were going to get it. I would be in homosexual relationships. I spent 15 years if my life locked up in the Hobby Unit. I had a very hard life growing up and that’s how I lived.

Sheila Ellis former inmate baptism
One day, the UBB came to the unit. I started to take part in the classes. They helped me to learn to see situations different. I overcame all and have completely changed my life.

In prison, life is really bad. You get into things you don’t want to at all, just trying to survive. I encourage you to donate a Bible to help those who are in prison. It’s good for those who are in prison who really want one but have no means to get one.

Donate a Bible to the prisons and help those who are in need.s

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