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Beauty Obsessions That Become Mental Health Issues3 min read

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The relationship between the way we look and the way we see ourselves is a complicated and addictive one. The standard of beauty imposed by the media and by society in general serves as a negative incentive for many people, who struggle with low self-esteem and the need for the acceptance of others.

In this appearance-obsessed culture, women’s emotional energy is so focused on what they see in the mirror that it becomes harder for them to notice other aspects of their lives, and the more they look in the mirror, the less they think of themselves. Unfortunately, in the name of beauty, we see many women ignoring danger, common sense, and even medical advice, when risking their lives, in addition to incurring huge debts.

Due to the incessant search for a perfect body, many are left with nothing more than severe mental health issues, such as body dysmorphia.
Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a disabling disorder marked by a preoccupation with a nonexistent or slight defect in appearance that causes clinically significant distress or impairment in functioning.

Presenter and writer Christiane Cardoso advises that people should value their essence before resorting to aesthetic procedures:

If we want to stand out, instead of spending hours at the gym working out or spending a lot of money on plastic surgery and treatments, let’s work on our inside. Nowadays, it’s getting easier for women to pay to be beautiful on the outside, while inner beauty is becoming rarer and rarer. Inner beauty is what stands out; it gives a captivating mystery behind your eyes. There is nothing wrong with liking beauty. Keeping your body healthy with exercise and good nutrition is commendable. Keeping your nails and hair tidy makes a great impression. Going to the doctor and taking care of your health is also excellent. But, I do not think that it is worth making cruel sacrifices that put your life at risk for a fleeting beauty!

If you are feeling unhappy, incomplete, and recognize that you need help, visit a location of The Universal Church near you and learn how to become a confident person – with both inner and outer beauty.


8 Ways to Think More Positively


  1. Stop speaking badly about yourself.

It may seem normal to say self-deprecating things, but this only brings you down and makes you negatively view yourself.

  1. Surround yourself with good people

Be around people who will bring more positivity to your life, instead of bringing you down.

  1. Practice gratitude

Take a moment to appreciate all the good things that you have in your life and be glad.

  1. Do activities that make you happy

Do you have a hobby you enjoy? Is there something you like to do that makes you happy? Do more of that.

  1. Find the silver lining

Every situation, whether good or bad, can have a positive lesson depending on how you see it. Evaluate the scenario and find a good lesson you can take from it.

  1. Find stress releases

Find a healthy outlet which will give off good vibes. Exercising is an effective way of releasing mental and physical tension.

  1. Take a break from social media

Social media can make us feel overwhelmed, especially when we get caught up in comparing ourselves to the ‘so-called’ perfect lives of others. Learn how to shut off from social media from time to time. Give your mind a break.

  1. Get spiritual help

Do you find yourself struggling with negative thoughts? Your problem could have a deeper root. What if these thoughts could be removed from your life and you could have a better and stronger mindset?


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