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I put a gun to my wife’s mouth and threatened her2 min read

I put a gun to my wife’s mouth and threatened her

Carlos arrived at the Universal Church with his life destroyed in all areas. He used drugs and was addicted to gambling. He spent his nights in bars playing pool, billiards and other try-your-luck games. He spent all the money he had and was unable to put food on his table. He depended on neighbors and relatives, who donated basic food packs so that he and his family could feed themselves. At home, he fought all the time with his wife, Claudia. He even threatened her and put a gun to her mouth. “I was armed all the time and the fights I had with my wife were terrible. She even stabbed me in self-defence,” says Carlos.

“I remeber once that I took a bite out of her arm. I was very aggressive. Not only with her, but with everyone around me.” Carlos’ grandmother practiced witchcraft and he turned to her believing that it would help to him overcome his problems. “The complete opposite happened. I had no peace, and I could not sleep during the night. My wife had constant headaches and did not have peace either ”, reports Carlos.

Upon arriving at the Universal Church, the couple participated in the Campaign of Israel. Claudia made a vow for her husband’s character and for them to be freed from that life of suffering. “We started to live by faith, learning the Word of God and putting His teachings into practice.”

Today Carlos has a transformed life: “I drive a good car, I was able to give my daughter a car as a gift, we afford the best of everything and the have the best at our table. I can afford to send my grandson to private school and all my daughters are in the presence of God. I bought a house on the beach and an apartment. Today I can afford to travel with my family. In addition to all these material achievements, I have the Holy Spirit and the most importantly: the Salvation of my soul. I am a new man.

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