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Dare to Be Different?3 min read

How Can People Change Their Lives When What Controls Their Actions and Directs Their Choices Has Not Changed?

Dare to Be Different?

People often think that if they had something, or if something were to happen, their lives would change. Many get married, play the lottery, get a higher education, move to a different city, steal and even kill in order to have a certain person, object or position they believe will have the power to change their lives.

But how can they change their lives when what controls their actions and directs their choices has not changed? How can they enjoy what is new, when they continue dealing with things the old way?

The secret to changing your life is to change your way of thinking. If you want to have a new life, you need to absorb new thoughts. Only then will you be able to have a new attitude. And, as a consequence, you will have new opportunities and results.

If you want something new, but are not seeing it happen, check if your thoughts are still the same old thoughts. Maybe you continue with the same thoughts about your own life—that it has already changed a lot so you can continue living with your current problems, or even old thoughts about God—that all His greatest miracles are a thing of the past!

Everything that happens in the environment first happens in someone’s mind. Nothing can be accomplished or realized if it hasn’t first been assimilated and processed by the mind. Therefore, when you want something to happen on the exterior, it must first take place in your interior. If you want to change what is on the outside, you need to change what is inside. Otherwise, change will never truly take place.


Jobless and Homeless but My Biggest Battle Was Inside of Me

Justin Williams was placed in care at two months old and stayed in the system until he was 15. Although did extremely well in school, that was not enough to fill the hole he had inside due to the lack of parental love and affection.

I left the system and a friend invited me to the Universal Church. At first, I only went because it gave me a reason to leave my house and forget my problems, but as I heard messages that inspired me, I decided to get to know God for myself. 

My biggest battle was internal, due to me not having experienced family love. I understood that to win that battle I first had to change my mindset – the way I thought and went about doing things. It wasn’t easy, but as I asked for God’s help and put all my strength into this change, a new mentality started to develop in me. 

After overcoming my inner battle, I then had to face an exterior battle: I was jobless. This consequently led me to become homeless and just before my final year of university, I was sleeping in a cramped garage. 

However, this time, with my new-found mindset, I started to see things differently. I thought, “I have the option to use my faith in God and in myself to take the necessary steps to turn my situation around or to cave in. I did the former and began to see each day as a new opportunity to fight for the life I wanted.’ 

Fast-forward to today, it’s been 4 years that I am no longer homeless and I have a very good job as a Software Engineer in a managerial role. Nevertheless, my biggest achievement has been my inner transformation. When I think about the Justin then to the Justin now, all I can do is smile. I have peace, I believe in myself and I have faith to conquer anything.’

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