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Unisocial Food Distributions Across the Country1 min read

Boxes with Food pilled up

Just recently, Unisocial throughout the country distributed food and care packages to those who have been impacted by the crisis. In Houston, Texas, a food distribution drive-through was organized by Unisocial and the Youth Power Group (YPG) where over 250 boxes were given on the morning of Saturday, April 25th. The purpose of this drive-through was to support local youths and their families who are facing financial struggles and food insecurity. The Unisocial teams from different states have also united their strength to help those in need.

“The purpose of the work of Unisocial is to reach those who are facing hardships. Many people do not have conditions or resources due to unemployment and nowadays due to the pandemic. Therefore, the Unisocial took the initiative to unite forces and go to the communities to reach those who are lacking food. Many are those right now who are self-quarantined and who do not have financial conditions to purchase food. And many are those who were working but lost their jobs and do not have food within their homes for their families. We are here to fight against poverty and hunger in our local communities.” – Pastor Saul, Unisocial’s Director.

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