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Something’s Wrong2 min read

Something’s Wrong2 min read

If a man is rich and has everything that he needs in life, would it make sense for his child to be poor and lacking everything? If an eye doctor has been practicing his profession for many years, would it make sense if he could not prescribe lenses for his own son? No, and no. These things would never make sense, because someone that has, would never allow those that they love to lack.

Now here’s another question… if God is great as we know He is… then why would He allow those who are called His children to be put to shame? Why would He just sit back and allow them to be disgraced? Wouldn’t that make Him look like a monster? Of course. And He would never allow His own name to be shamed through the shame of His people. It is written,

“Whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame.”

(Romans 10:11)

This promise has to become a reality in your life. You can not sit back and live a life full of defeats and shame and do nothing to change it. God is not an unfit parent and He is definitely not powerless. He has everything you need to change your life. And is more than ready to help you change it.

He needs an attitude of faith from you. He needs you to get so fed up with a life of shame that you are actually ready to do something about it. Not something negative that will cause you more problems and shame in the end. But something that will actually provoke change.

Actions of faith and challenge are what provoke change. If you are willing to react in faith, then God is ready to remove the shame.

May the God of the Bible bless you

Bishop Josua Fonseca

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