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The Inauguration of the Chicago Cathedral1 min read

On February 2, in Chicago, Illinois The Universal Church held a grand opening event of the new Cathedral. Along with the inauguration of the new church, an ark event was held for the first time in Chicago. There were approximately 1,600 attendees gathered to this special event. It gave an opportunity for attendees to see a transformation in their lives.

What is the Ark of the Covenant?

The Ark represents the presence of God among the people. It was carried during the Biblical times by the priests of Israel into battles and would always go ahead of the people representing God himself that leads, fights for and protects His people.

The Entrance of the Ark

The event was hosted by Bishop Vagner Santos, who was determined to pass the living faith to those who attended. Regardless of belief, all were welcomed. The purpose of this event was to free those who have been trapped by their problems, whether it be in their financial life, family, love life, health, etc. and have a true experience with God. This event surely made a difference in the lives of all those who believed.

 “It was a marvelous and blessed day; I was very blessed.” – Lupe Salas (attendee of event)

If you or a loved one are in Chicago, we invite you to come and join us at the new Cathedral located at 6041 W Diversey Ave., Chicago, IL.

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