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The Grand Official Launch Of ULFN2 min read


On the night of February 4, 2020, more than 600 people gathered for the official launch of Universal Living Faith Network. The inauguration of this memorial launch was held at the JW Marriot Marquis Hotel in Miami, Florida and it was presented by Mrs. Happiness Sobo followed by Bp. Joshua Fonseca along with Bp. David Higginbotham.

In the first half of the inauguration, Mrs. Sobo presented the new channel’s logo, a moment that was highly anticipated. She revealed details of the Universal Living Faith Network such as having nationwide coverage, programming will run 24/7 as well as a 24/7 call center where help is just a call or text away. Back to back programming offers something for everyone. It includes live shows with testimonies, talk shows, inspiring miniseries and even children programing. This channel will bring hope and help all those in need. Pr. Forrest Higginbotham, Bp. David Higginbotham and Mrs. Evelyn Higginbotham made this launch extra special by sharing their experiences on how The Universal Church began in the USA and how God transformed their lives. Many others from the audience were thrilled to share their stories telling how their lives were completely changed through the power of faith.

Bp. Edir Macedo concluded this wonderful ceremony by inviting guests to gather around the platform to receive a message of faith and did a final prayer to bless all those who attended. During the prayer, there was a captivating phrase said by Bp. Macedo that greatly expressed the importance of this channel’s launch. “We are inaugurating this network television to spread Your Word to this country. Not just spread Your Word but to show Your power through Your Word.”

If you are interested in tuning in to our new channel, this network is available through well-known cable providers such as Direct TV (CH 379), Verizon FiOS (CH 795), Frontier (CH 226 & CH 726) and Charter (CH 472 & CH 496).

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