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The Ark Event in Phoenix, AZ1 min read

The Universal Church recently held the Ark Event on January 12 in Phoenix (Fenix), Arizona at the Celebrity Theatre. It is one of the biggest church events that was ever held in the state of Arizona. With a little over 3,000 attendees gathered at Phoenix’s most captivating historical landmark. Attendees anticipated with hope and faith towards the entrance of the Ark of Covenant which represents the presence and power of God. This event was an opportunity for people to make an alliance with God and witness a transformation in their lives.

The event was hosted by Pastor Jose Nicolas Latorre and 8 other pastors who were determined to pass along a strong message of faith. Guests regardless of religious beliefs, were welcomed to this extraordinary event where those who were enslaved by problems such as addiction, depression, family issues, and financial woes, were set free by faith. We believe that God will help those who seek Him in order to lead the fulfillment of His promises. The Ark Event was truly a memorable concentration of faith where attendees realized that new opportunities are in store to those who believe.

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