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Youth Program to Empower Teens2 min read

While advancements in technology have its number of contributions to our society, it is without its own sets of flaws, that it would cause a concerning regressive pattern amongst young people. Since 2016, suicide rates have grown gradually amongst the youth by 30% according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with young adult men being amongst the highest numbers. We have transitioned to a new age of the internet where social media and text messaging has taken a hold on how the new generation communicate at a rapid rate.

Many youths spend the majority of their time on websites & social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter seeking acceptance from strangers which manifest into an unhealthy obsession. They assume that once they don’t receive the attention, they are automatically rejected by peers online. There’s instances of vulnerable youths being subjected to online bullying and harassment due to not conforming to the standards that the online world has placed.

This trend has gotten so bad, that face to face interactions has become a challenge for your average teenagers which increases social anxiety, depression, and the most alarming: suicidal tendencies. Trying to cope with reality, youths try to find refuge in social media. But what could possibly youths be facing that they need to escape from reality? Below is a list of potential problems youths encounter:

  • Depression;
  • Bullying;
  • Cutting themselves;
  • Family conflicts;
  • Violence;
  • Addictions (Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking);
  • Peer pressure;
  • Low self esteem;
  • Poverty;
  • Self-identity;
  • Suicidal thoughts.

Seeing the need of youths struggling nowadays, The Universal Church created a group called the “YPG – Youth Power Group” . It’s main focus is to help youths who are in need of help. Youths receive counseling that can help teens and young adults, starting from the age of 14 to overcome the struggles that they constantly face in their daily lives. The YPG helps youth discover that they can achieve a life transformation regardless any situation they be going through.

This youth program works similarly to after school activities where youths engage in competitive, physical activities with other youths while exploring their hidden talents. They compete against other youth group branches and do recreational activities as well such as going bowling, to the movies, etc.

What distinguishes The Universal Church’s youth program from others is the spiritual guidance offered with reference to the bible, as their mission is to spread the word, the truth, the love of the lord and to free the oppressed. It also teaches youths to believe in their potential in order to accomplish their dreams and become successful adults. Through Christ all is possible as nothing is impossible to him

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

Those who are in need of relief from all the obstacles that plague them from advancing in their life, may join the youth power group, free of charge, usually every Sunday at 1pm at any Universal Church. Hours may vary depending on the church location.

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