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Introduction to Our Bible Study Program2 min read

The Universal Church believes that it is important for a person to have strengthen their faith through the word of God. We believe that it is of great importance for people of all ages to have a better understanding of the bible’s teachings. In order to emphasize the importance of the bible, The Universal Church has created many bible study programs that are targeted at specific age groups:

  •  The Children’s Bible Center (CBC), ages 1-9.
  •  Teen Power Group (TPG), ages 10-13.
  • Youth Power group (YPG), ages 14-25.
  • Caleb group, age 55 and up!

In order to make it interesting and relevant for each age group, our bible study programs made sure to be on top of popular trends/events to incorporate their lessons on. Most of our programs are targeted at young minds which are usually challenging to engage if we don’t come prepared with the right material. These bible studies programs does not include the daily bible study services that are available every day at your local Universal Church.

All of the Universal Church’s teachings comes from the bible and we believe it is essential to have bible studies at home in order for practitioners to strengthen their faith. That is why we have programs such as “Canal de la Fe”, “Speak, I am Listening”, and “Showdown of Faith” to meet all the necessities as well as answering all sorts of questions related to the bible.

We also have videos of bible study services and bible meditations on Youtube. The Universal Church had an app developed called “Univer” to expand the teachings from the bible to make it possible for easy access to our programs.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”- John 8:32

The bible shows the importance of understanding the word of God and learn the truth which is why we focus on helping those in need and provide practitioners with the most relevant information from the bible possible. Whether it comes from our services, videos or the groups we have available.

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